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Meet the team | 與團隊會面

👋 你好,我叫John,係Atlas香港分部嘅成員。我係一個最近移居海外嘅香港人,好慚愧地係反送中之後先開始所謂嘅政治啓蒙,開始係海外參與各種類型嘅示威同集會,亦都開始思考我可以為香港人做啲咩野。之後我認識咗Atlas嘅創辦人,佢哋為香港同其它民主自由受到打壓嘅國家舉辦示威,引起國際嘅聲音,Atlas嘅其中一個主要運動係建立一個超國家、由唔同市民帶領嘅民主聯盟,哩個聯盟將會協調實行經濟制裁、支援民主鬥士,希望保護到全球嘅民主自由。作為香港人,我希望透過Atlas同佢嘅運動創造一個有民主有自由嘅香港。

👋 Hi, my name is John! I'm a member of the Hong Kong chapter in Atlas. I started my journey in activism recently after experiencing the deterioration of democracy and freedom in Hong Kong. I then met the founders of Atlas in one of their protests where they were raising awareness for Hong Kong and other countries in which democracy has been eroded. One of their main campaigns is to build a Union of Democracy, a citizens-led supranational union which to coordinate responses and implement measures - such as economic sanctions - to support freedom fighters, and ultimately safeguard freedoms and innovate democracy. As a hongkonger, I wish to build a democratic and free Hong Kong with the support of Atlas.

Our first projects 🏴 | 我們的第一個項目 🏴


民意調查 | 香港流亡政府?

With the implementation of the national security law, the eroding freedom of the press, and increasing political prosecutions, many of us left Hong Kong either to avoid unjust prosecutions or look for a better future for our next generation. Unlike some other chapters in Atlas, we cannot rely on local elections and activism. Hongkongers are now scattered around the world, but that also means we can fight the Chinese Communist Party everywhere. The Hong Kong chapter of Atlas will encourage the democratic world to fight with the hongkongers, to stop the human rights violation of China, and to restore democracy and freedom in Hong Kong.

Survey | Hong Kong Government in Exile?

Join us加入我們

香港分部好需要唔同香港人嘅聲音,如果你有任何意見請聯絡: [email protected] 🚀

The Hong Kong chapter is still growing and we urgently need voices from all of you. Feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] 🚀